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Rose Blog Template: Welcome Page

rose blog welcome

The Rose Blog Template: Welcome Page is presented in this post with the best design. This Welcome Page Theme is white with some rose flowers. The text of the heading in this Rose Blog Template has a funny font with black color. There are several sections and the “Forget password” section is red. You can see three colorful tabs in this Rose Blog Theme with blue, red, and pink colors. These tabs are designed for Facebook, Gmail, and log-in or sign-up. The writings of these parts in the Welcome Page Template PSD are white. You can download this Light Blog Photoshop File and enjoy it.


PSD file


Flower design

This page is for logging in and signing up.

Size: web most common

Color Mode: RGB Color

Resolution: 72 pixels/inch

Free font used: Brush Script MT - Bookman Old Style – Gadugi - Georgia

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Rose Blog Template


Rose Blog Theme


Welcome Page Template PSD


Light Blog Photoshop File


Welcome Page Theme